Scolari Srl design, makes and sells drying, dehydration and composting plants.
Scolari S.R.L designs and manufactures drying, dehydration and composting plants since 1950. It is known as one of the most important Italian companies in the sector.



Since 1950 Scolari Srl has been designing and realizing drying, dehydration and composting plants and is well known as one of the most important Italian companies into this field.

Its seat is in Paderno Franciacorta (BS) on 13.000 sqm area, of which 6.000 sqm indoor, the workshop uses a state-of-the-art technology, equipped with n° 6 timber carts.

Owner of many national and international patents it has been updated and improved its plants to increase the thermal performances and reduce the energetic costs incidence.

Scolari began in 1950 with manual uncovered installations, then thanks to the new technologies still on evolution, it realizes whole air-recycle plants, filtering, powder and smell demolition, totally automatic and managed with LPC software and direct assistance through the Internet from the seat in Paderno F.C..

Every request is analysed from Scolari specialized technicians and the suitable plant is designed in compliance with customer’s needs and the product to be treated.

The basic feature of Scolari’s drying plants is low temperature process (35-130°C). During the project phase we put attention on the possibility to recover the thermal energy from hot water and/or exhausts from cogeneration plants, steam from treatment cycles, hot air or hot water from biomass boilers etc…

Scolari internal Technical Dept. has an important and essential database in which there are the data and chemical-physical characteristics of the dried materials since 1950 until today. 

Every plant is designed and realized after the analysis of specific needs of the customer and if necessary, representative sample of the material to be treated with laboratory test and verification and/or practical test on pilot plants.

The technology proposed to fix the customers’ requirements, is defined to obtain the highest thermal efficiency and the best final homogeneity of the product to be treated.

In case the technicians would consider more suitable, to elaborate a final proposal, to do practical tests of on the product to be dried, they will ask the customer to send a representative samples of material, using pilot plants installed at Scolari’s headquarters.

The final project, alongside the economic proposal, contains all the technical-economics data and electric and thermal power consumption which allows customer to assess the operating costs.

The plants are characterized by the simplicity and automation of the function both as plant engineering of process and as heading of overall process.

The technical report provided to the client includes, in addition to the project and the ultimate plant lay-out, the electrical lay-out, the relation with data for the application related to the emissions in the atmosphere and a detailed draw of the building work to set up for installation.

Scolari installed plants in UE, East Europe, USA. Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, U.S.S.R, States ex-Soviet Union.


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