Turning up and aeration automatic system, suitable for horizontal organiz waste tunnel. Our composting plant, thanks to a controlled aerobic fermentation, allows to change the organic waste in a very good quality fertilizer. This way it is possible to contribute to recover them and increase the value of some products that normally would be throw away in a dump.

The organic residues that can be composted are coming from:

  • Cattle breeding, poultry, bovines, rabbits, swine, etc..
  • Civil mud, agro-alimentary, industrials, etc..
  • Olive husks, stems, markets and agricultural waste, vegetables discards, etc..
  • Garden and organic rubbish.
  • Organic waste coming from the urban rubbish.
  • Digested residual coming from process of biogas production.

The fermentation process, Controlled Aerobic Fermentation “.A.F:”, guarantee to obtain a final product fermented, composted, healthy, in keeping to law in force.

Scolari’s mover have been designed with a strong frame in galvanized steel and with an external structure in stainless steel for a long life duration. Working speed is changeable and it can be set automatically by an inverter following the electric absorption during product removal.

Raising and lowering of rotor is controlled by hydraulic system junction box, pistons with double effect and oil system’s pipes in stainless steel.

Depending on the exigencies and working capacity it is possible to program a continuous or alternating cycle (completely full – completely empty).

Scolari’s composting plant is made of electric control panel including a software LPC, located on the floor in a separated place keeping to law in force. It has an external console that shows the whole working process.

Possibility to connect via ADSL to Scolari’s head office, to solve quickly and efficiently any problems or to apply program modification.

Depending on the chemical-physical characteristics of the product, it is possible to foresee an insufflating air system from the floor and a sprinkling liquid system.

Furthermore, if it is required from the norms or from the customer needs to treat the air inside the tunnel the plant should be completed with air suck and / or with air treatment (scrubber).