Scolari’s drying machine Type “T” is a system with movable conveyors projected to dry products having different physical characteristics and initial moisture.

The drying plants are realized having different work capacity according to the specific requirement of the project with the possibility of variation of the drying surface and the number of conveyor, depending from evaporating capacity required and thermal power available.

Feeding of the material to be dried with a dosing hopper and/or with a feeder with inclined conveyor according to the product typology or according to the exigencies of the manufacturing line.

The dryer machine can be realized with the contact part or whole plant in stainless steel depending on the requirement of the customer and / or depending on the corrosivity of the product to dry.

The drying plant could be provided with powder’s demolition plant, with high efficiency cyclones, and odor air treatment, with high efficiency scrubbers, in order to grant the respect of the normative in force in terms of emission into the atmosphere.

Extreme facility of installation, also in pre-existing buildings.

Scolari’s drying system allow to recover thermal power from hot water, recycled hot fumes, steam, diathermic oil, or can be obtained by burners having G.P.L., natural gas, gas oil, bio diesel, bio gas, solid fuel, biomass or waste as fuel.

The conveyor drying machine can works at low temperature air, can start from 35 °C to 140 °C depending on the product typology to dry and on the heat source available.

The plant is equipped with preventive systems of temperature self-control in order to manage in the best way the drying process. Internally, it can be installed a fireproof plant, able to spread water on the whole surface of the conveyor, in case the physic characteristics of the material to be dried required.

The drying process is controlled with a LPC software placed in the electrical panel that through an external screen, allows the operator to visualize the whole working process, with the automatic control of the product’s planned final humidity. The installation could be provided with a teleservice system that grant the possibility to get connected via modem with our operative headquarter in order to change the drying set up or to solve quickly and efficiently any problems.