The dryers machine “A” series has been projected by a mechanic removal patented system which is suitable for materials with an high moisture or for specific products that, during the drying process need to be mixed to obtain a granted homogenous final humidity.

The load system of humid material is installed in operation with the physical characteristics of the material thought a measuring hopper or with an inclined conveyor feeder.

Scolari’s mechanic removal agitator, which has been patented, enable the high moisture materials to remain exposed all the time necessary to obtain the requested drying degree and in the meantime mixing the material to guarantee the homogeneous of the final product.

The mechanic removal agitator is fixed in the dryer zone and it is controlled by the PLC, the speed rotation and translation are determined according to the characteristics of the product to treat and modified, during the process, in order to grant the final humidity required.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the material to dry, it’s possible to set the removal system of the mechanical agitator and its rotation speed.

According to the customer needs or to the corrosion characteristics of the product the inner part, which is directly in contact with the product to treat, or the whole plant, should be realized in stainless steel.

The dryer machine can be supplied with air treatment system, trough cyclones at high performance that can reduce dust, or odour treatment, trough scrubber system that can reduce smell coming from the product treated. The reduction of both element can be granted in accordance with local legislation’s air emissions.

The dryer machine is simply to assemble and can be installed in existing building.

The process air is at low temperature, varying from 35°C to 140°C, according to  the material to dry or to the power source available.

Scolari’s drying system allow to recover thermic power from hot water, recycled hot fumes, steam, diathermic oil, or can be obtained by burners having G.P.L., natural gas, gas oil, bio diesel, bio gas, solid fuel, biomass as fuel.

The drying plants with mechanical removal have self-control system and safety system for a self-management of the drying process.

The plants have a security system and they can have even a priming fire prevention if requested.

All the phases of the working process, automatic control of the final moisture, remote control and teleservice connection to Scolari technical department are managed by PLC software installed in the electric panel of the machine. This permit a fast action in case of problems to solve or process modification.

The drying plant can be equipped by a final cooling of the dried product permitting to stock immediately the product in the warehouse after the unloading from the machine.

The dryer machine type CD has, in the canopy of the roof, a drilled conveyor. In this way the product is pre-heated with hot air recovered by the lower conveyor and allowing the starting the evaporation process. This application is applied when the process temperature is 120 – 130 °C, allowing to maximize the thermal performance of the plant.