Scolari srl, design and produce drying, dehydrating and composting plants. Each request is examined in detail from our skilled technicians, whom will decide, in according to customer’s exigencies, the more convenient and suitable technology depending on the quality of the product to be treated.

Scolari in-house technical office, has a very important archive, where all the data and physical characteristics of the dried materials have been stored since 1950 up to the present.

To set what kind of plant can be used and lay a first proposal, our technicians lab shall verify the characteristics of the material to treat.

If the technicians think it appropriate, they will analyses samples of the product by drying them on a pilot plant c/o Scolari head office.

The final project, besides the economic proposal, contains all technical and financial data, power and thermal consumptions. All of these information allow the customer to estimate the operating costs.

Technical data supplied to the customers, include besides the project and the definitive lay-out, the electrical lay-out, a report concerning the ambiance emissions and a detailed drawing of the masonry to prepare for the installation.


Scolari ensures, directly with its internal technicians, presales customer care, assistance for mounting, start-up and training to the customer’s staff and post-sales customer care.

The customers that have installed a plant with an electrical panel including LPC, have the possibility to connect through the Internet, directly to Scolari head office to take advantage of a direct assistance.

The components of the plant, that Scolari normally uses to assembly, are coming from  international brands; both for mechanical and electrical parts, to make easier the customer to find out quickly, the spare parts all over the world.