Mover double tunnel by circular head type MRU

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The most important characteristic of type MRU is to be able to work on a double bio-tunnel with a circular head which is necessary for automatic translation of the mover on both of tunnel.
Translation from a tunnel to the other one with a proper pylon where the mover with hydraulic piston block automatically.
Electronic and mechanical control system both during the position phase and the exit phase of the mover from the pylon to avoid working cycle cut.
On the circular head there’s a door to allow both loading of moisture material and extraction of fermented material from the head of a tunnel to another one.
Possibility to work on continuous or alternating cycle.
The operator’s presence is necessary during load and unload of moisture and composting material or if the plant has got automatic cycle, his presence is requested only to program the load and unload of moisture and composting material.
Electrical system, hanging from the central side of the tunnels with sliding cables and carriages allowing the rotation on the circular head.