Cooling plant with movable conveyor type R-T

Contattaci per un preventivo.


Cooling plant at continuous or alternate cycle, compounded by 1 movable perforated conveyor.
Dimensions and capacities of the plant can change according to the working exigencies and it is also possible to modify the cooling plan.
Loaded material by feed hopper and/or feeder with inclined conveyor, depending on the product or on the basis of working line necessities.
The warm material is loaded on the cooling conveyor, compounded by perforated profiles that allow the passage of the air at room temperature.
The outgoing air will be aspirated and put in the atmosphere, and if necessary, after having been cleared from the powders, thanks to an high efficiency cyclone system.
The conveyor speed and the exposition time of the material can change automatically, according to the outgoing temperature required.
Depending on the client exigencies, it is possible to make the whole plant with stainless steel or just the internal sides in contact with the material.
Possibility of building and insertion in a pre-existing production line, without any masonry.
Electric control panel with a software PLC that by an external console, it shows to the operator, the whole working process.