Static drying plants series ES

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Drying plant with inclined plane, normally used for special products, requiring a low drying temperature (30-45°C) and a long drying time, such as : nuts, chestnuts, pinecones, etc.
Plant made up of modulus, the thickness of the drying material can change from 0.70mt to 1.50mt, following the physical characteristics and the permeability during the passage of the air.
Drying air heating can be obtained by burners in air vein, working either with natural gas or GPL, or by recovering hot water from cogeneration groups, if available.
According to client’s exigencies, the plants can have either electromechanical board or electrical board with PLC, controlled by a software. This system allow to work on automatic way.
To step up the thermal performances, it is possible take advantage of the drying air process with a partial recycling air.
These plants can be installed directly on the floor inside a well-ventilated rooms or just under a simple roofing.