Dehydratation plant with movable conveyor for alfa-alfa

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Technology based on perforated conveyors developed by Scolari srl for the dehydration of long-fibre forage. The mobile conveyor system is the evolution of the mechanical agitator system, of which hundreds of systems have been installed nationally and internationally.

In the dehydration of fodder it has achieved important objectives such as:

  • Significant increase in hourly production capacity.
  • Preservation of the physical condition of the forage and leaf present at harvest
  • Homogeneity of drying
  • High thermal efficiency of the system
  • Multi-use, extended to other products besides forage
  • Simplicity and at the same time automation of plant and work site as a whole

Advantages offered by Scolari’s technology:

  • Low temperature process (80-130°c)
  • Forage with fiber long up to 180 / 200 mm.
  • Cancellation of average losses compared to traditional hay-making systems quantitative (+ 25% weight) and qualitative (+ 80% nutritional value)
  • Almost total preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of forage (proteins, carotene, mineral elements, vitamins, aminoacids, etc.)
  • Ecovery of available heat (hot-steam water, etc. )  or use of fossil fuels ( natural gas or lpg) or solids (wood chips, straw, etc.)
  • Use of plant in continuous cycle or intermittent cycle without waste of energy
  • Dust abatement system which ensures compliance with existing regional standards for atmospheric emissions
  • Fully automated work processes with final humidity control programmed by the operator
  • Cooling incorporated in the plant or separated according to requirements to ensure the best preservation of the dried material
  • Productive capacity forage from 3 to 12 t/h
  • Wide range of applications enabling the plant to be used throughout the year (wood chips, cereals, straw, whole corn, etc.)