Rdf drying plants 2T C

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Plant for solid waste treatment such as RDF with moving belt drying technology.

The air drying temperature can range from 60°C to 1o0°C depending on the characteristics of the product and the thermal energy available. Drying cycle at low temperatures allowing to take advantage of thermal recoveries that may be available on site such as hot water, thermal waste, steam, diathermic oil, recovery from exhaust gases. Dehydration solution with reduced water content to achieve even less than 10% humidity.

Automatic humidity control system ensuring maximum drying homogeneity. Realization of plants suitable to work with maximum flexibility according to needs up to 24 h per day, in complete automation, even remotely. Partial or total air recycling. Possibility of air treatment for dust and pollutants.
Plants with versatility of use and realized according to specific customer needs.