Type CD

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Drying plant at continuous cycle system, composed by a perforated plan with a removal agitator and superior pre-heating conveyor that with the outgoing warm air re-using permits a considering heating recovery and improved thermal performance.   

The automatic feeding system, that depends on the product to treat, distributes uniformly the humid material on the superior perforated conveyor on which the product is pre-heated and pre-dried using air coming from the fixed lower plan.  


In the final part of the conveyor the material comes down on the lower perforated plane where, through one or more mechanical agitator, is been removed and gradually shifted towards the unload, with variable speed  in accordance with the final humidity planned.

During the passage on the fixed perforated lower plan, a warm air flow at low temperature passing through the material removes the humidity contained.

In the final part of the drying plane may be provided an air-cooling system with air at ambient temperature.


The superior movable pre-heating and pre-drying plan, is normally provided with an air’s process temperature of over 100°C.

The CD series, suitable for medium and big evaporating capacity, is adapted for material with an high moisture quantity and through to the upper conveyor, it is possible to obtain high heat-performances. (750 kcal/kg of evaporated water).