Type CK

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Drying plant at continuous or alternating cycle system, composed by a perforated plan with a removal agitator. That used a low air-temperature (35-80°C).

The automatic feeding system ( hopper or feeding conveyor) that distributes uniformly the humid material on the drying perforated plane, depends on the physical characteristic of the product to treat. 


To obtain removal and advancing of the treated material  there is a patented mechanical agitator with two motors, one is using for translation and the other for rotation.

The agitator permit to set up, automatically, the speed and retention time of the product depending on the final moisture requested.

During the product transition on the perforated drying plane, an air warm flow at low temperature pass through the product removing the humidity contained.


In the CK series the suction fan, placed in the inner part of plant, draw in the moisture air and sent it to the powders demolition system.

In the final part of the drying plane may be provided an air-cooling system with air at ambient temperature.