Series SC

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The plant construction is executed in aluzink, suitable for external installation.

The drying tower, which is the central body of the dryer, is made up of: reserve boxes in a upper position, drying boxes equipped with bi-conical canals for air distribution, product cooling boxes in a lower position and extraction table to unload the product to a lower hopper, rooftop, stairs and landing.

The extraction table of sliding guillotine is working by pneumatic control to guarantee products’ descent on all drying tower surface, avoiding preferential columns.


The distribution’s air canals, are bi-conical and can assure an homogenous air distribution inside the drying column as well as a right mixing of the product during its  descent.


Aspiration system’s working by a centrifugal fan at high performance connected with a gas-oil burner equipped of steel refractory furnace or directly to a gas burner in air vein.

The heated air’s conveyed into drying boxes by a lateral pipeline than can be insulated.

The automatic working  cycle can be set by the electrical board with PLC, with a touch screen panel that allow the operator to check, in a safety zone, all the set parameters for drying process.


The S.C. series, can provide , if requested, a thermal insulation for the distribution’s hot air canals, with an excellent thermal performance that can be indicated in 850 kcal for kg of evaporated H2O.

Daily production capacity from 100 ton to 250 ton.