Series AR

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The vertical dryers are made in Aluzink, suitable for external installation.

Fit for small farm, is based on the principle of “heatstroke” which means tempering/homogenizing with no air, to facilitate the grain moisture content move to the peripheral part.


The plant is made up of base with collection hopper, extraction pneumatic table, boxes with bi-conical canals which allow a better air’s distribution all over the drying area, product containment boxes to homogenize and air heater group with gas-oil burner or gas burner in the air vein.

The vertical dryers type AR are suitable to treat all kind of cereals, oleaginous seeds, and rice, only adjusting the drying temperature.


Functioning by a centrifugal fan, placed in suction, and if necessary, possibility to install a cyclone for powders demolition.

The automatic working cycle can be set by the electrical panel, divided into: loading, drying cycle, cooling and unloading.

The temperature control is ensured by a double thermal regulator so that, further than the burner control, it would be possible to program, in automatic way, the final moisture content and the cooling, without the operator intervention.


The presence of the operator is necessary only during loaded and unloaded of the product, which means three times a day.

This system distinguish itself by the excellent thermal performance that can be indicated in 800 Kcal/Kg of evaporated H²O.

Daily production capacity are from 50 Ton to 150 Ton.