Series SR

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The plant construction is executed in aluzink, suitable for external installation.

Its working is based on whole recovery and reuse of drying air of the central stage and of the cooling air, as well.


To come to this result, the central column has been divided in three stages with different temperatures: the lower part for cooling, the central part with heated air at low temperature and the upper part with heated air at higher temperature.

The recovery system with whole recycling air, allow to recuperate the exit air, already used in the central part of the column and in the cooling part, which has a residual temperature of 70°C above, heat it and send it to the upper stage.


There are provided centrifugal fans at indirect transmission working with a slow rotation to reduce noise pollution. All the fans have got shutters with pneumatic closing to guarantee a low powders emission in the atmosphere.

Air heating is obtained by gas burner in air vein placed inside the avenues air conduction or by gas-oil burner equipped with combustion chamber.

Dryer is equipped by bi-conical canals to allow a better air’s distribution and an excellent mixing of the cereals, which means get to an homogenous final moisture content.

The automatic working  cycle can be set by the electrical board with PLC, with a touch screen panel that allow the operator to check, in a safety zone, all the set parameters for drying process.


To keep the final moisture content fixed, following the operator’s request, there’s a software with sensors laid inside the cereals during the drying process.

SR series is supplied with thermal insulation for all the column containing the cereals and all the hot air conduction and recovery canals. It allows an energy saving, compared to the dryer on the market, of about 20-25% . It guarantees a thermal performance of 720 kCal for kg of evaporated H²O.