Drawers drying plant series C

Contattaci per un preventivo.


“Drawers“ series is a plant suitable for small and medium drying exigencies especially in case that the customer’s got small amount of different materials to dry separately.
The dehydration cycle can be obtained by room-temperature or hot air heated by electric–resistances which allow to join a temperature of 30-40°C.
Possibility to install a recycling air system especially for delicate products.
Using room-air temperature, when weather conditions allow, or using hot air heated by electric-resistances can guarantee the quality of dried material, no noise danger, and rend the plant absolutely safe to dry any products fit for human consumption.
Thanks to many internal drawers, where the material is loaded, it is possible to dry, at the same time, different kind of products as, during the drying process they remain separated.
The plants have been manufactured with an external structure, made up of thermal insulation, loom large with wheels, easy-opening front door, extension drawers sliding on lateral guides, equipped of wheel lock system.