Type CD

Contattaci per un preventivo.


Drying plant at continuous cycle system, consist of a perforated plan with a removal agitator; with a conveyor on its superior part, for pre-heating the product and for heat recovering.
An automatic feeding system distributes evenly the humid material on the superior perforated conveyor and exploiting the air coming out from the lower plane, it preheats and pre-dries the material.
When the material arrives at the latter side of the superior conveyor , it comes down on the lower perforated plane and one or more agitators start to remove the material with a variable velocity depending on the planned final moisture. While the material is moving on the lower perforated plane there’s a warm air flow at low temperature, passing through it taking off the moisture content.
It is possible to foresee an air-cooling system with roomtemperature positioned on the final side of the drying plane.
The type CD suitable for medium and big evaporating capacity, can be used for material with a high moisture quantity and thanks to the upper conveyor, it is possible to obtain high heat-performances. (750 kcal/kg of evaporated water).