Type CK

Contattaci per un preventivo.


Drying plant at continuous or alternating cycle system, consist of a perforated plan with a removal agitator. It is normally used with a low air-temperature.
Automatic feeding system, it distribute evenly the humid material on the drying perforated plane.
To obtain removal and advancing of the treated material there is a patented mechanical agitator with two motors, one is using for translation and the other for rotation. They enable to program automatically the speed and retention time of the product following the required final moisture.
When the material is moving on the perforated drying plane an air warm flow at low temperature, pass through the product taking off the moisture content. Above the drying plant there’s a suction fan, to draw in the moisture air and sent it to the powders demolition system.
It is possible to foresee an air-cooling system with room-temperature positioned on the final side of the drying plane.