Type CKR

Contattaci per un preventivo.


Drying plant at continuous cycle system, consist of a perforated plan with a removal agitator; suitable to dry: pressed sludge by filter or by belt and centrifuged.
This kind of plant allow to recover the drying air partially; in order to improve the thermal performance and reduce the air exit in the atmosphere.
Automatic feeding system, it distribute evenly the humid material on the drying perforated plane.
To obtain removal and advancing of the treated material there is a patented mechanical agitator with two motors, one is using for translation and the other for rotation. They enable to program automatically the speed and retention time of the product following the required final moisture.
Above the plant there are 2 suction fans:

  • the first one suck in the moisture air coming from the material and send it to the powder demolition’s system or to the smell demolition’s system;
  • the second one suck in the air with less moisture but with highest temperature which is coming out from the material positioned on the final side of the plant. The air will be send to the powder’s demolition cyclone to be recycled, in a closed-circuit inside the heat generator. This kind of system is foresee with an air temperature over 130°C;

The type CKR, suitable for medium and big evaporating capacity, can be used for civil and industrial sludge to obtain high heat-performances (750 kcal/kg of evaporated water).