Drying plants with fluid vibrating bed

Contattaci per un preventivo.


Our system is based on the principle of the fluid vibrating bed with advancing of the material on a surface particularly perforated and kept in suspension by the directional flux of the insufflated air and the vibrations of the same surface.
The system is apt for materials with superficial humidity, granulars or powders that can be made fluid, such as centrifuged egg’s shell, P.E.T., H.D.P.E., marine salt, resins, flours, sands, etc…
The system can also de used for the toasting of the soy seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, etc…
The heating of the drying air is made with burners in vein of air fed by GPL or natural gas, or with steam exchangers or diathermic oil.
Partial recycle of the air used in the drying process to improve the thermic output.
Working temperatures apt to insure the sanitization and to eliminate the contaminations of the dried product.
Execution of the machinery’s body or of the whole plant in Inox steel, according to the exigencies of the customer.
Thermic and acoustic insulation of the whole plant.
Powder’s demolition plant with high efficiency cyclones in the respect of the normative in force.
A special device will allow an easy cleaning of the whole plant.
The reduced dimensions of the plant allow its installation in really simple foundations, avoiding to do any building works; it can also be installed in every kind of local (also under a simple cover), becoming therefore operative in a really short time..