Industrial roasting plants – TC Series


Long-experienced manufacturers of industrial roasters for drying and roasting agricultural and food products

Our industrial roasting plants are specially designed and manufactured to roast, dry and sanitize various products such as soy, lupins, wheat, corn, peas, oil seeds, legumes, etc. Equipped with air vein burners, the industrial roasters allow to obtain the maximum thermal efficiency and reduce operating costs thanks to the recovery and insulation of the air.

Process temperatures vary between 150-250 ° and are ideal for:

  • the reduction of urease and other anti-nutritional factors for the recovery of the nutritional value of soy;
  • the gelatinization of starch;
  • the heat treatment of proteins;
  • sterilization (prophylaxis / elimination of toxins, molds and insects)

The technologies applied to our industrial roasting plants are differentiated according to the characteristics of the products and the production capacity required. Furthermore, to respond to the most specific needs of our customers, we create complete systems with a roasting and cooling line in direct sequence. The hourly production capacity of our roasting plants corresponds to 3.00 – 20.00 tons / h.

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