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Drying plants for cereal

We design and manufacture grain and cereals dryers with vertical dehydration system. The cereals are loaded still wet in the upper part and dried during the descent by gravity. They are then unloaded in the lower part and left to cool before being stored. Simple to install and almost completely automatic, our grain dryers have drying and cooling boxes made of aluzinc with biconical sheaths for a more uniform air distribution in the grain.

All grain dryers are designed in compliance with the technical and scientific requirements imposed by the European plan for Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy. This allows you to take advantage of the incentives provided for this type of plant and lower depreciation costs.

Vertical drying plants for cereals

There are three models of grain dryers available:

AR – Recirculation system (loading-drying-cooling-unloading) , suitable for small and medium production capacities. It is based on the system of “heat stroke” and subsequent tempering which allows the migration of moisture from the inside of the grain to the outside.

SC – Continuous cycle system , suitable for medium production capacities and formed by a vertical column, made up, in turn, of hopper boxes necessary for the drying, cooling and extraction process. The plant is also equipped with standard-compliant staircases with balcony, centrifugal fans and an air flow heat generator unit powered by natural gas or LPG.

SR – Continuous cycle system and integral heat recovery , allows a drying cycle at different temperatures and the recovery of the process air for the pre-drying of the incoming wet cereal. It is also equipped with special rest areas to avoid thermal shock to the cereal.

Cereal drying plants manufacturers
Drying plants for cereals

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of cereals

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of cereals

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of cereals

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