Movable conveyor cooling plants – RT Series


We manufacture customised movable conveyor coolers for continuous or alternating cycle processes

Cooling plants with perforated movable conveyor for continuous or alternating cycle processes. The dimensions and capacities are differentiated according to the working needs, with the possibility of varying the cooling surface. The material feed has a dosing hopper and / or an inclined belt feeder, according to the type of product or according to the needs of the processing line.

The hot material is loaded, by means of a hopper or feeder with an inclined belt, on the cooling belt formed by perforated profiles that allow the passage of air at room temperature. The outgoing air, if necessary, is sucked in and released into the atmosphere after having been purified of dust by a high efficiency cyclone system.

1T cooler
2T cooler

The speed of the belt and the exposure time of the material can automatically vary according to the temperature requested at the outlet. The parts in contact with the product or the entire moving carpet cooling system can be made of stainless steel on customer request. The system can be easily inserted into production lines without any masonry work and can be controlled by PLC software placed in the electrical control panel. In this way, through the external console, it is possible to follow the entire working process by the operator.

Some examples of installed cooling systems

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