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Biomass dryers are highly effective and functional plants that contribute to the production of clean energy. More and more often there is talk of the need to replace fossil sources such as coal, gas and oil with alternative and natural resources. This has led to a notable development in the study of biomass, that is resources that derive mainly from agriculture, forestry and wood processing industries, but also from municipal waste (CSS). Biomass dryers allow these resources to be pelletized and transformed into energy sources through a meticulous drying process.

Biomass dryers manufacturers
Biomass drying plants

Drying systems for biomass with moving walkways – Version 1T TP

The biomass dryers are equipped with a belt made of PET and operate by means of a reverse air flow, in depression with respect to the product. It is a treatment particularly suitable for materials with low specific weight. The process takes place at a low temperature and allows the recovery of thermal waste from hot water from ORC groups, from cogenerators or from company waste that would otherwise be lost.

The work cycles of biomass dryers are automatic and managed by a PLC equipped with software that ensures the maintenance of the final average humidity, regardless of the initial one. The plants comply with the regulations in force for atmospheric emissions and all the technical-scientific characteristics of the European plan for Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy. For this reason, all our biomass dryers fall into the category of plants for which it is possible to take advantage of the incentives provided in order to reduce depreciation costs.

Biomass drying plants manufacturers

Discover the Scolari plant for biomass treatment

Discover the Scolari plant for biomass treatment

Discover the Scolari plant for biomass treatment

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