Eggshell dryers

Eggshell drying plants

Our eggshell dryers are equipped with a vibrating fluidized bed system and a material advance mechanism on the drying table. The material remains in suspension and advances towards the discharge thanks to the directed flow of the blown air and the vibrations of the drying surface obtained with springs and vibrators controlled by inverters.

The characteristics of the drying plan are defined according to the type of material to be dried (granulometry, specific weight, etc.). In this way all the particles of the product are in contact with the hot air and their drying is homogenous.

eggshell dryers manufacturers
Eggshell drying plants manufacturers

Vibrating fluid bed eggshell drying plants – LFV Series

Our grain dryers are suitable not only for the treatment of egg shells, but also for all those materials with surface moisture such as granules, granules, crushed stone, centrifuged egg shells, PET, HDPE, sea salt, resins, flours , polyethylene, sands, sugar, polymers, etc. This is possible as the drying exposure time is in the order of about 2 minutes. The process temperature varies between 80 ° C – 240 ° C depending on the chemical-physical characteristics of the material.

In the case of products that must be subjected to drying only, a lower process temperature is required. For products that, on the other hand, also require sanitization, such as broken egg shells, the expected temperature is higher (240 ° C). The air is heated with burners in an air stream fed with LPG, natural gas, with steam or diathermic oil exchangers.

The advantages of vibrating fluid bed grain dryers

The dust abatement system that precedes the emission of air into the atmosphere complies with current regulations. The dryer also provides for the recycling and partial recovery of the process air to optimize the thermal efficiency of the system. The machine body is produced according to Aisi 304 or 316 standards for specific applications.

The systems are assembled and tested directly at our headquarters and shipped to the customer disassembling only the components that exceed for road transport. The small size of the eggshell dryers allows them to be installed on a simple floor, thus avoiding masonry work. They can be installed in any room and are equipped with a telematic connection to receive immediate telephone support.

Finally, all the plants comply with the technical-scientific characteristics indicated in the European plan for Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy. This allows not only to take advantage of the incentives provided for this type of plant, but also to significantly reduce depreciation times and costs.

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of industrial sludge

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of industrial sludge

Discover the Scolari plant for the treatment of industrial sludge

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