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We design and manufacture industrial dryers with vibrating fluid bed for the treatment of specific and humid materials

Vibrating fluid bed drying plants are suitable for the treatment of materials with surface humidity, granular products or fluidizable powders such as centrifuged egg shells, PET, HDPE, sea salt, resins, flours, polyethylene, sands. They are also very effective for roasting soybeans, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.

The drying air is heated by means of air flow burners fed with LPG or natural gas, or with steam or diathermic oil exchangers. Vibrating fluid bed dryers use suitable working temperatures to ensure sanitization and eliminate contamination of the dried product. Furthermore, the machine body or the entire system can be made of stainless steel for maximum thermal and acoustic insulation.

The vibrating fluid bed drying plants have a high efficiency cyclone dust suppression system in compliance with current legislation and a special device will allow easy cleaning. Thanks to their small size, the installation can be carried out on a simple platform thus avoiding masonry work. Or, they can be installed in any room or under a simple cover to be operational in a very short time.

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