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We manufacture biotunnel composting plants with the option of continuous or alternating cycles

The MR version biotunnel composting plants are suitable for working on one or more straight parallel biotunnels. Alternatively, they can be moved from one biotunnel to another by means of a special transfer trolley.

They also allow to operate with alternating work cycles (all full / all empty) or with continuous cycles. In this way the operator’s intervention is limited to the loading and unloading operations of the wet and composted material or to the simple activation of the cycle if the plant, in a mechanical and automatic way, loads the wet biomass into the system and unloads the material. final compost. The biotunnel composting plants of the MR6-1100 model with transfer trolley, on the other hand, are semi-automatic and require the presence of the operator for the transfer from one tunnel to another.

Biotunnel industrial composting plants

Production capabilities MR Series

Template Capacity per cycle
MR4-1000 8.00 Mc.
MR5-1000 10.00 Mc.
MR6-1000 12.00 Mc.
MR6-1100 14.00 Mc.
MR6-1100 n ° 2
28.00 Mc.
MR6-1100 n ° 3
42.00 Mc.

Some examples of installed composting plants

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