Continuous operation vertical drying systems – SC version

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System suitable for outdoor installation; the drying tower, the central body of the dryer, is made up of upper reserve boxes, drying boxes equipped with biconical sheaths, product cooling boxes in the lower part and a product extraction table that unloads into a lower collection hopper, roof, stairs and balcony.
The extraction table is pneumatic, guillotine, and guarantees the descent of the product over the entire surface, avoiding preferential columns. The air distribution sheaths are biconical and ensure a homogeneous distribution of the air, as well as a mixing of the product during the descent. Suction is ensured by a high-performance centrifugal fan, connected to a diesel burner with a refractory steel oven, or directly to a gas burner in an air stream. The work cycles are managed with an electrical panel equipped with PLC and Touch Screen operator panel; if required, the SC series provides for the thermal insulation of the hot air conveying channels with a thermal efficiency of 850²O evaporated.
Daily production capacity from 100 tons / day. to 250 tons / day

Some examples of drying systems installed

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