Drying systems with moving walkways

Series 1T -TP

The continuous cycle modular drying systems with carpet / s in polyester (PET) are suitable for drying materials with low specific weight such as sawdust, wood chips, RDF and CSS The structure is made of painted, galvanized, AISI 304 carbon steel or AISI 316, according to the needs of the customer and / or the material to be treated.

The low temperature process allows the recovery of thermal waste from hot water (ORC groups, cogenerators, solid fuel boilers) and / or from hot air or with the use of fossil fuels. The drying carpet is made with a special polyester mesh and features an automated centering system that guarantees perfect alignment even for large carpets.

The wet material to be dried is loaded with a hopper system and distributed evenly over the entire width of the belt with a special system. The drying mat is made of micro-perforated PET to facilitate the passage of process air.
The air necessary for the drying process is sucked in and heated with water / air heat exchangers positioned in the upper part of the system. The hot air is sucked in by fans installed in the lower part of the system and after passing through the material on the drying belt to remove the humidity it is released into the atmosphere. The system guarantees compliance with the regional limits for dust envisaged by current regulations for atmospheric emissions.

The work cycles are fully managed by PLC with control of the desired final humidity which is set by the operator. At the end of the cycle, the dried material is unloaded by a horizontal conveyor which conveys the material outside the drying plant.

The plants are designed and built according to the specific needs of the customer and can satisfy medium and large production capacities. The micro-perforated PET mats can be made up to a width of 6 meters and a length of 30 meters to satisfy large production capacities.

Series 1T -TPR

Drying machine, sharing the same 1T-TP’s series technology, equipped with a further thermal recovery circuit gained by recirculating a part out of the whole exhausted air volume and conveying it back to the drying air heating zone through the heat exchangers.

This add on system is automatically controlled by the electrical system and grants the benefits of a greater thermal efficiency of the whole plant and consequent reduction of exercise cost.


Some examples of drying systems installed

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