Sludge drying plants

Serie 2T-F

Our plants are suitable for the treatment of civil and industrial sludge and equipped with drying technology with moving walkways. The drying air temperature can vary from 70 ° C to 150 ° C depending on the characteristics of the product and the thermal energy available. The drying cycle at low temperatures makes it possible to exploit any thermal recoveries available on site such as hot water, thermal waste, steam, diathermic oil.

It is a dehydration solution that involves reducing the water content to achieve humidity even below 10%.

The systems are equipped with an automatic humidity control system that guarantees maximum drying homogeneity. Our goal is to create systems suitable for working with maximum flexibility and up to 24 hours a day, fully automatically and also with remote support technology. It is possible to opt for a partial or total recycling of the air and for the treatment of the air against dust and pollutants. Our dryers adapt to the most specific customer needs and have an evaporation capacity ranging from 300 kg /h to 6.000 kg/h.

Series 2T-FCR

Drying systems equipped with condensation and recirculation of the drying air to significantly lower the air mass exhausted in the environment up to 90% out of the total volume. Engineering and manufacturing works vary upon special scenario in terms of in force rules and law.

This technology grants the recover up to the 90% of the whole process air volume by means of condensation unit that allows a significant reduction of the air volume exhausted in the atmosphere. The mass of air exiting the condensation stage is conveyed to the heat generation unit to be heated up and then conveyed again into the drying chamber. This solution allows to process with the wet air treatment unit only a small amount of air to be then exhausted in the environment.

Some examples of drying systems installed

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