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We design and manufacture static inclined plane dryers for the treatment of materials with variable thickness during the drying phase

Inclined plane drying plants have a modular construction. This is because, during the drying process, the thickness of the products can vary from 0.7m to 1.5m depending on the physical characteristics and the permeability to the passage of the blown air.

The heating of the drying air can be obtained with air flow burners suitable for natural gas or LPG or by recovering hot water from cogeneration units, if available.

The inclined plane static dryers can be made with an electromechanical panel or with a PLC controlled by software to obtain a completely automatic organization. It also allows for partial recycling of the air used in the drying process to improve its thermal performance. These systems are normally installed on simple slabs in well-ventilated rooms or under roofing canopies.

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