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System suitable for outdoor installation; its operation is based on the integral recovery and reuse of the drying air of the central stage and of the cooling air.
The central column is divided into three stages with different temperatures, of which the lower part for cooling, the central part with air heated at low temperature and the upper part with air at a higher temperature.
The recovery system, with integral air recirculation, allows to recover an air with a residual temperature of 60/70 ° C, heat it and send it to the upper stage. Centrifugal fans with indirect transmission at low revolutions are provided to reduce any acoustic emission to a minimum.
All fans are complete with dampers for pneumatic closing, which guarantee a low emission of dust into the atmosphere.
The drying boxes are equipped with biconical sheaths that ensure uniform air distribution and excellent mixing of the cereal, which corresponds to a homogeneous final humidity.

The work cycles are managed with an electrical panel equipped with PLC and Touch Screen operator panel. There is also a software with sensors arranged in the drying cereal, for the constant maintenance of the final humidity of the product desired by the operator.
The SR series provides for the thermal insulation of the entire column containing the grain, and of all channels for conveying hot and recovery air. It allows energy savings, compared to dryers on the market, in the order of 20-25%. Guarantee a thermal efficiency of 720 K.cal/Kg.H²O evaporated.

Some examples of drying systems installed

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