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The construction of the plant is foreseen in aluzink for outdoor installation.
Suitable for business use, it is based on the principle of “heat stroke” with tempering / homogenization “, in the absence of air, to favor the migration of the internal moisture of the grain to the peripheral area.
The system consists of a basement with a collection hopper and a pneumatic extraction table, boxes with biconical sheaths that ensure quantity and uniformity of the air over the entire desiccant surface, product containment boxes for homogenization and an air generator unit with oil burner or burner gas in the air stream.
It is suitable for treating all cereals and oilseeds and rice by simply adjusting the drying temperature.
Expected operation with centrifugal fan on suction which offers the possibility, if necessary, to apply a cyclone for dust suppression.

The automatic work cycle is programmed by the electrical panel and is divided into loading, drying, cooling and unloading cycles.
The temperature control is ensured by a two-stage thermoregulator so that, in addition to the burner control, it is possible to program the final humidity and cooling automatically without operator intervention.
The operator’s assistance is limited to loading and unloading operations which, on average, are three times a day.
The system stands out for its excellent thermal efficiency which can probably be indicated in 800 H²O evaporated.
Daily production capacities from 50 tons to 150 tons.

Some examples of drying systems installed

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