The National Recovery and Resilience Plan provides important incentives aimed at the technological transition of companies towards the objectives of Industry 4.0.

This incentive plan supports companies in the modernization and innovation processes of their structure, production processes and the use of increasingly efficient machinery.

In this sense, the incentives provided for by the PNRR and the industry 4.0 development plan also apply to Scolari srl sludge drying and treatment plants , which may be subject to significant financing and tax relief.

Industry 4.0 incentives for sludge disposal plants

In recent years, the disposal of sludge has proved to be a problem that requires a clear and definitive solution. The situation of uncertainty in which we find ourselves, has caused a significant increase in the cost of sludge disposal in the last period: just think that the current average cost is around 120-150 € / t, while in previous years it was around € 30-40 / t.

Companies have therefore reacted to this unprecedented rise in prices by seeking alternative solutions that would allow them to dispose of the sludge independently .

There are many industrial companies that have decided to take advantage of the incentives provided for in the transition plan towards Industry 4.0 and who have relied on Scolari srl for the installation of systems for drying, treatment and disposal of sludge. Our dryers comply with the technical-scientific characteristics set out in the transition plan, which allows companies to significantly reduce amortization times, saving up to 50% on the purchase of the plant .

Sludge disposal plants and the transition to industry 4.0

In addition to the CE mark, our sludge treatment, drying and disposal plants fully comply with the regional regulations in force on atmospheric emissions and the 7 points of the Industry 4.0 transition plan. For this reason, the Scolari srl sludge treatment plants can be found in the incentive plan made available by the PNRR and provide for significant funding.

The systems, in fact, use the technology of low temperature perforated moving walkways and are designed, manufactured and supplied with the turnkey formula, almost all in Aisi steel and thermally insulated. Their management is fully automated and does not require the presence of fixed labor.

The components of our drying systems are always produced within the company, except for some that are supplied by leading companies on the national and international market which ensure immediate availability of spare parts . Our systems can be designed and built with wet treatment of the saturated air exiting the chimney or with condensation and thermal recovery, by pre-heating the ambient air entering the system, subtracting part of the heat from the saturated air flow. output. This solution limits the volume of emissions and allows a reduction in operating costs of 15-20%.

Design of sludge treatment plants according to industry 4.0 standards

Over the years we have been involved in the design of sludge treatment and disposal systems for public and private companies belonging to the most diverse commodity sectors, such as biomethane from FORSU, subcontractors who collect special sludge, paper mills, civil purifiers, food industries .

Each project was carried out according to the specific needs of the customer and, in most cases, the thermal necessary for the drying process was obtained with the recovery from thermal waste (hot water, steam, etc.) that previously remained unused or were dissipated.

In each individual case, to find the best solution, our experts met with the customer in depth , evaluating his specific needs and the chemical-physical characteristics of the sludge to be dried. The design, construction, assembly and assistance are always ensured and carried out by our internal staff. Furthermore, the Scolari srl sludge treatment, drying and disposal plants comply with the requirements for the technological transition of industry 4.0 and are subject to the incentive plan made available by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to reduce costs. Of

If you are interested in our sludge treatment and disposal plants and would like to receive advice to find out the incentives provided for by the Industry 4.0 plan, contact us.