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Continuous cycle drying system, consisting of a perforated surface, with removal agitator and upper product preheating belt which, with the reuse of the hot air exiting the lower drying surface, allows a considerable recovery of heat and improvement of thermal efficiency.

The automatic feeding system varies according to the material to be treated and evenly distributes the wet material on the perforated upper belt. The material is pre-heated and pre-dried using the air coming out from the lower fixed surface.

In the final part of the upper belt the material descends on the lower fixed perforated surface where, by means of one or more mechanical agitators, it is removed and gradually moved towards the discharge, with a speed that varies automatically according to the final programmed humidity.

During the passage on the lower perforated fixed surface, a flow of hot air at low temperature passes through the material, removing the moisture contained.

In the final part of the plan a cooling area with air at room temperature can be provided.
The upper mobile pre-heating and pre-drying surface is normally provided with a process air temperature over 100 ° C.
The CD version of medium / large production capacity is suitable for materials with a high humidity content and allows to obtain, through the upper belt, high thermal yields (750 kcal / kg of evaporated water approximately).

Some examples of drying systems installed

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