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Drying system, with continuous or alternating cycle, consisting of a perforated surface, with removal agitator that uses process air at low temperature (35-80 ° C).

The automatic feeding system (hopper or belt feeder) evenly distributes the wet material on the perforated drying surface, which varies according to the physical characteristics of the material to be treated.

Removal and advancement of the drying material with a patented mechanical stirrer set up with two motors, one for translation and one for rotation.

The agitator allows to program, automatically, speed and retention time of the product, according to the desired final humidity.
During the passage of the material on the perforated drying surface, a flow of hot air at low temperature passes through the product, removing the moisture contained.

In the CK version, the centrifugal suction fan, located in the upper part of the system, sucks the humid air and sends it to the dust suppression system which guarantees compliance with regional emission limits.
In the final part of the drying plan, a cooling zone with air at room temperature can be provided.

Some examples of drying systems installed

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